What we get up to in the Esri UK Tech Research team

Do you want to see what Esri UK Tech Research team get up? Alongside understanding and exploring new releases from Esri Inc, we also get the opportunity to innovate with the Platform and explore the art of the possible. To date this has been behind closed doors, with many of our projects being for internal viewing only. That is now going to change, and we will be sharing our work through Esri UK Map Labs… 

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Earlier this month, 40 participants entered Inmarsat's offices on Old Street roundabout to participate in GeoHackDay. GeoHackDay was an opportunity for developers, designers and idea makers to get together to help build software applications and/or hardware integrations to tackle real life problems. 

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Using my first MarketPlace Application – QuestionWhere Builder

In September Esri launched the ArcGIS Marketplace and Esri UK has just listed its first application in the MarketPlace - QuestionWhere Builder. It allows you to create questionnaires or surveys that can include location based questions. There is a free trial available so I thought I would try it out and share my experience with you.
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Unable to validate Order Numbers in Productivity Suite?

One of the most common errors seen when using the Productivity Suite OS Data Converter is shown in the below example, relating to the inability to validate the Order Number:

The error is thrown because Productivity Suite is unable to process data with different order numbers at the same time. Productivity Suite is able to process multiple datasets/ files with the same order number, but does not support the mixing of order numbers during a single processing session. If you have data with different order numbers, you will be required to process them in separate order number batches.

The order number is the first set of digits in the file name:

E.g. 86106-HP5505-25i7.gz