Contribute to the Living Atlas of the World

You can now contribute your layers, maps, apps, scenes and story maps to be included into the Living Atlas of the World. This can be done via the new Contributor App.

The Contributor App will scan key characteristics of your ArcGIS Online items such as the description, thumbnail and tags. It will score your item out of 100 and if your item meets the minimum score of 80 points you'll be able to nominate it for review. An ESRI Living Atlas curator will be in touch via email to discuss your item in further detail.

To learn more about the app you can read the full blog here.

If you want to get started straight away, just visit the website and log in with your ArcGIS Online account.

If you want to explore the Living Atlas of the World check it out here. It’s an impressive collection of Esri and user made content.

If you have any questions about the Contributor App or require assistance with regards to Open Data, you can get in touch by emailing