GeoPlanner – The new app for collaborative Geodesign

GeoPlanner is one of the newest free apps to be built on top of the ArcGIS Online Platform. This tailored app allows you to analyse pre-requisites, sketch out your ideas, compare scenarios and then report on and share them with others. Examples of possible scenarios include emergency planning, conservation projects and land-use planning. The app is ideal if you want to collaborate on planning projects as it allows you to create and compare multiple scenarios, evaluate the best design and then share this with others for them to be able to view and edit.

How to get started:

  1. - Go to and sign in with your ArcGIS Online account details.
  2. - Select a project template – these are preconfigured scenarios. For example the Special Event template immediately allows you to start designing an event scenario, including evacuation routes, first aid points and VIP areas.

If you would like to create custom templates for your designers, you can make your own templates using feature services published from ArcMap with preconfigured symbology and domains. There are more details here.

Design process:

Now you have a new project you can start creating your designs. Use the blue coloured tab at the top to lead you through the different stages of the design process. The first thing you might want to do is to go to Data to add in your own data from your ArcGIS Online account, to give context. Or you may choose to go directly to Create to start sketching on the map.

If you are looking for areas which fulfil certain criteria, you can use the GIS analysis tools and weighted modelling (data not available for the UK yet) in the Assess tab.

Comparing and sharing scenarios:

You can repeat this process to create multiple scenarios and then use the Compare tab to see them side-by-side. Use the dashboard tools to see the different statistics for each design. This example shows different road closure arrangements for an event at St Paul’s Cathedral, London which could involve Transport for London, the local council and police forces:

All the work you do in GeoPlanner gets saved into your ArcGIS Online My Content section. So you can now simply share your maps in the same way you would with any webmap. This allows you to work collaboratively with others by sharing your map, either to other organisations or to the public. You could also use the Explorer for ArcGIS mobile app to allow your workforce to view these plans in the field.

For further help with GeoPlanner see: