Simplifying storytelling with Snap2Map

Last Friday, I set myself the challenge of creating a story map of my walk home from start to finish. This included:

1. Taking photos of some 'iconic' Aylesbury buildings

2. Creating a feature service

3. Attaching geotagged photos to points where the photos were taken

4. Create the web map

5. Create the web app

Surely not possible in my 15 minute walk? Well it is with 'Snap2Map'! This recently released app allows you to create a story map just using a mobile phone and, within 2 minutes of taking my photos, I had published my storymap before reaching my front door. Click here to view the result. It is best viewed on a mobile, or shrink your browser window, so that you can switch between list, map or media. 

In 4 years of living in Aylesbury I have never walked this route but will definitely do it more often!

Note: take pictures with landscape orientation. If you take them with portrait orientation, they will display in landscape and won’t be easy to view.