GeoForm – a new web app template to help customers self-serve

GeoForm is the newest member of the web application template family in ArcGIS Online that allows you to add points to a feature service via a form. This is perfect for you if you want to encourage customers or members of the public to self-serve with reporting without the need for custom development. It is a responsive web application, that adapts to the size of the device using the Bootstrap framework, so it can also be used on different devices. 

What options can you configure?

Map: Choose the webmap you want to use.
Text: Specify the title and description of the form.
Layer: The editable layer that you want users to input data to.
Fields: Select the fields and aliases you want to display.
Look: Colour scheme.
Share: Ability to share view Twitter, Facebook or email.

How do you create one?

 1. Create your editable point feature service.

If you want to include drop-down lists set up your domains and subtypes in Desktop and then publish it as a feature service direct to ArcGIS Online or via Server.

 2. Create a webmap containing the layer you want to edit.

 3. Share the webmap within your organisation or to the public.

 4. Go to Make a Web Application and select GeoForm.

This will be added to the Web Application Gallery in the next release. If you would like to use it now then create a new group and share the GeoForm template into it. Then in your Organisational Settings, choose this group as your default Web Template group and include the Esri default ones if you would like.

 5. Follow the GeoForm builder to configure your form

 6. Share the completed application to be able to embed it on your website.

Click here to access the GeoForm template.