CityEngine 2014.0 is here!

The new version of CityEngine has just been released. The developer team have been listening to our customers and in this release largely focuses on improving stability and fixing bugs to improve the user experience. This includes improving interoperability with various 3D formats.

In addition to being the most stable release yet there have been some really interesting developments which will allow you to make city models easier and quicker than ever before!

Built-in Esri rule library

The CityEngine developers are giving a helping hand to those who want to start creating stunning looking cities without needing to learn CGA by building libraries of rule files and models to put into your scenes. The first of these is the “Esri Vegetation Library with LumenRT Plants”, which is a library of 75 different models of plants and trees. These models render very well and are small in size so do not hinder performance. They are perfect for adding greenery to your city models. It even comes with its own scene so you can see how they will render. All you need to do is download the model library from here and then copy and paste them into your assets folder of your project. There will be more of these built in rules and models for streets, buildings facades and roofs.


Improved donut support

Since not every building is a solid cuboid CityEngine 2014 now supports holes in polygons for the following CGA operations: offset, roofGable, roofHip, roofShed operations.

Improved streets  

Street creation also got some major improvements in CityEngine 2014. Fora an overview of what has been improved and fixed, have a look on the CityEngine Resource Center and or on the CityEngine forum.


Unity example plug in based on the CityEngine SDK

Each SDK deployment requires a CityEngine license. This license can be CE advanced or CE basic. The license can be single node locked or coming from a license server. Middleware licensing will be on a case-by-case basis. The CityEngine SDK and Unity example are available Github.

For those coming to the Esri UK Conference (11th June), I will be presenting the 3D track, showing you how 3D GIS can add value to your business and the future of 3D at Esri.