The advent of 3D webmapping : more from the Dev Summit 2014

Following on from Dhruva’s post, here’s my feedback from the Dev Summit from a 3D GIS perspective. It is evident that Esri’s 3D developers have been hard at work! There have been some big announcements in Esri’s 3D offerings so it’s not surprising that this year is being heralded as the year of 3D!

The main new enhancement to this area of GIS is the advent of 3D scene services. These allow you to publish 3D buildings and other objects, which will be able to be consumed in new 3D webmaps. These new webmaps will also be able to consume 3D basemaps and 3D elevation layers, allowing you to really give context to your 3D models that you have created in ArcScene or CityEngine.

In addition, new renderers will now allow you to display both your 2D and 3D data in 3D within a webmap. To find out more, watch the video from the Dev Summit (watch from 12:40 on for specific 3D scenes) with more videos to come!