Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS

Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor which web maps or services were created within your ArcGIS Online organisation on a specific day without having to go through multiple screens and do the detective work yourself? Or compare this against previous days or months?

Well you can! The Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS is a free web app for administrators to provide activity based metrics, reports and other useful info about your ArcGIS Online organisation. It can be found in the ArcGIS Marketplace here. One thing to note is that you have to be an administrator within your ArcGIS Online account.

Just click on the “Get it now” button,  log in with your administrator ArcGIS Online account and it is now yours to use! What you then need to do is click on the view item button and the ArcGIS Marketplace will prompt you to share the app with a group within your organisation, for example you may want to create a group called “Admin Tools”.

Once it is shared into a group within your organisation you can get to the dashboard through this link: and using an administrator account to sign in. Below is a typical report from an ArcGIS Online account. I can see my top contributors, and the breakdown of what items were added to the account over a time period of one month (the time period can be changed using the slider). Not only can I view an easy to understand dashboard of my organisations items, but also its users and its groups by selecting the options at the top right.

My personal favourite feature of the Activity Dashboard is the summary map where you can view the items extents over the time period you define or individual user’s items extents.

Some common questions that the activity dashboard can help answer are:

  • - How many items were contributed today and by how many contributors?
  • - Who are the top contributors in my organisation?
  • - How many maps, layers, files, apps and tools were added in a defined period of time?
  • - What is the geographic footprint of the collection of items added – where are users creating information products?
  • - How many and what percentage of items are shared or remain private?
  • - How are individual users contributing to the system and what can we learn to help improve their use of the mapping platform?
  • - Are most of my organisation’s groups public, private, organization only or some combination?
  • - Are there any groups that are read only?
  • - What groups are featured within my organization?


The Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS is very easy to set up and can provide a lot of insight into the use of your ArcGIS Online Organisation at the click of a few buttons, but best of all it’s free with your ArcGIS Online Subscription!