Search by Attributes in Web Maps

You can configure your webmaps to be able to search them by attributes rather than just address. This is a useful capability as it allows you to search by non-geographic features such as policy ID number or customer name. This functionality allows customer service operators or fieldworkers to easily identify the location of customers or work orders.

To enable this searching capability on your webmap:

1.      Go to the Details page of your webmap

2.      Click Edit and scroll to the bottom of the page

3.      Under Application Settings, go to Find Locations and tick By Layer

4.      Select the layer containing the field you want to search by and whether the search term must match exactly or just contain the correct key words

5.      The Hint Text allows you to change the text in the search box to tell the user the fields they can search on

6.      Save

Note: You can only have one search field per layer.