How to: Access the Esri UK Product Licence Manager for Productivity Suite v2.1

The EsriUK Product Licence Manager is installed as part of the main installation for Productivity Suite 2.1 for ArcGIS Desktop 10. It is used to licence Esri UK products such as Productivity Suite and Crime Analyst.


It can be accessed in one of three ways:

Via the Start Menu:

Start > All Programs > Productivity Suite 2.1 > Licence Manager

If you are unable to access the Licence Manager via this route (i.e. it does not appear) then you should install the latest Service Pack, which may be downloaded from

Via ArcMap 10:

a)     Open ArcMap 10

b)    Ensure that the Productivity Suite 2.1 extension is enabled

  1. Select Customize > Extensions
  2. Ensure Productivity Suite is checked and click Close

c)     Click Productivity > About Productivity Suite

d)    Select View Licence

Via Windows Explorer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRIUK\ProductivitySuite\bin\PSLicenceManager.exe

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