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An update on an update.

The September update of ArcGIS Online is largely focused on improving the usability and capability of the existing features. There are some useful tools that are now out of beta and fully supported, including the GeoForm configurable app. These are followed by some new features in beta, one of them being the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

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Do you want LocatorHub to find only locations that receive mail from AddressBase Plus or Premium?

The AddressBase Plus and AddressBase Premium datasets contain a field named Postal_Address. The definition of this field is being changed by the Ordnance Survey to better meet customer requirements. This change should be just what you need if you have ever wanted to search only for locations that receive mail.

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Helping you get the most out of Esri and OS AddressBase products

Identifying how to make the most of the data available to you can be difficult and when using new or unfamiliar datasets it can be even more daunting. We want to help you get the best out of using Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase products with Esri products by answering some commonly asked questions.

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GeoPlanner – The new app for collaborative Geodesign

GeoPlanner is one of the newest free apps to be built on top of the ArcGIS Online Platform. This tailored app allows you to analyse pre-requisites, sketch out your ideas, compare scenarios and then report on and share them with others.

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Goldilocks and the 3 steps to a Story Map

A story is a way to entertain and/or convey a set of information by describing a linked series of events, usually with a progression of time. Many stories have several locations and ArcGIS has made it easy to present your stories in their geographical context using one of the Story Map templates. The three key steps are: decide what your story is, decide how to present it and then create it.

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