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Using Google Docs in your ArcGIS Online maps

Some of you may already have used Google Docs in an ArcGIS Online webmap. Recently Google Docs have removed the ability to publish a Google Spreadsheet to the web as a CSV (comma-separated values). BUT fear not, there is a way to still complete the workflow in the blog, just read on!

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The forecast for my GIS desktop is increasingly cloudy.

Aimed at users of ArcGIS for Desktop, this article looks at how ArcGIS Online can enhance your work practices. ArcGIS Online is an excellent tool for collaborative workflows. Signing-In to ArcGIS Online also provides easy and affordable access to complex data services and analysis tools.

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Sharing Your ArcGIS Online Maps Within a Webpage

Many organisations are finding maps and spatial apps to be an effective way to communicate with partners, customers and the public. ArcGIS Online is well suited to supporting this and supports different ways to embed the maps into your organisation's website.

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ArcGIS Online brings projections to our world

Much of the GIS data used within the UK is stored in the British National Grid coordinate system (also known as Great Britain National Grid or BNG). ArcGIS Online is a global platform and in order to provide basemaps that are useful to a global community of users the default projection has to work globally. ArcGIS Online uses the WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) coordinate system. The ArcGIS Platform will re-project data on the fly but there are some things to consider depending on your work flows and these are discussed here.

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How do I create an ArcGIS Online service that uses British National Grid?

A short guide to creating ArcGIS Online services that use the British National Grid coordinate system.

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