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I didn't know the field calculator did that.

The field calculator in ArcGIS for Desktop includes some really useful features that I'd missed. Calculations can be saved and loaded so you can reuse them. Choosing Python gives you access to the methods in ArcPy as well as the standard Python libraries.

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There's a Buzz About Story Maps

Updated on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 10:43AM by Registered CommenterAlasdair Hind

A couple of Esri blog articles about story maps caught my eye this week. The first was an interesting post about how the story map templates evolve. The second post was about using presentations in story maps.

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The Web AppBuilder For ArcGIS Makes Tailoring Your Organisation’s Portal Easier.

Updated on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 11:38AM by Registered CommenterAlasdair Hind

The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Beta) makes tailoring your organisation’s Portal easier. It allows you to tailor the style and functions of applications more closely to the needs of your users. Not only that but the application uses JavaScript and HTML, making it cross platform. If you want to use the same configuration for multiple applications you can export it as a template. What's more, you can make it available as one of your organisation's application templates in Portal.

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Search by Attributes in Web Maps

You can configure your web maps to be able to search them by attributes rather than just address. This is a useful capability as it allows you to search by non-geographic features such as policy ID number, customer name or asset ID.

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2011 UK census webmaps and layers available in ArcGIS Online

We have been working on improving the way to access UK census data and have provided 2011 UK census data as a series of dynamic map services allowing users to change symbology, view pop-ups and carry out analysis using the data in the ArcGIS Online Platform.

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