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A Spatial Sensation in Schools

Every week new schools sign up to the Esri UK ArcGIS for Schools Programme and we are starting to see some great results. The immediacy that ArcGIS Online affords along with its simplicity has allowed some of our schools to produce maps in minutes as a response to recent world events.

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Zoom in, zoom in

A recent upgrade to the ArcGIS Online Basemaps added support for re-sampling at scales larger than the map has data for (ie when zoomed in beyond the dats). This allows the client application to re-sample the closest available scale and display that, instead of a 'Map data not available' image.

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The advent of 3D webmapping : more from the Dev Summit 2014

Feedback from the Dev Summit from a 3D GIS perspective. There have been some big announcements in Esri’s 3D offerings so it’s not surprising that this year is being heralded as the year of 3D!

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Reflections on the Esri Partner and Developer Conference

On reflection, there were 3 main themes that emerged from the Esri Dev Summit this year: ArcGIS is now a Platform, 3D will be available across the platform and JavaScript will become the main Web development tool for Esri.

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS

The Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS is a free web app for administrators to provide activity based metrics, reports and other useful info about your ArcGIS Online organisation. It can be found in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

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