Using the Environment Agency LIDAR Point Cloud data with the ArcGIS Platform

The Environment Agency have recently released the first delivery of their LIDAR Point Cloud dataset as open data. This release is part of the wider project which will see Defra release 8,000 datasets as open data this summer. The Environment Agency has used the data since 2005 to generate height models, mainly for flood modelling and coastal mapping. 

I have spent some time exploring the LIDAR point cloud dataset, now released as open data, to see how it can be used within the ArcsGIS platform with some simple use cases.

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Living Atlas or Open Data – which should I choose?

Over the past couple of months there has been a number of updates to Living Atlas and to the ArcGIS Open Data application. Both Living Atlas and the Open Data application host a range of authoritative datasets such as Census data, OS boundary data and other government driven datasets. In this post I will first look at the similarities between the two applications when contributing data. I will then focus on which one you might want to choose when downloading the data.  

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Magic mapping in the new release of ArcGIS Maps for Office

I haven't used ArcGIS Maps for Office for a while so the release of version 4.0 seemed like a good time to get reacquainted. I found the whole experience of creating and working with a map much more intuitive. The inclusion of smart mapping makes it really quick to add informative maps to your spreadsheet. Other new features include time based views and easy map based data selection.

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Here come ArcGIS 10.4 and ArcGIS Pro 1.2

ArcGIS 10.4 will be released next week, in fact the help pages are live already. Both ArcGIS Server and ArcMap continue to evolve to reflect the needs of the user communities. If your organisation is running Portal alongside ArcGIS Server there are a raft of changes in the new release. A new version of ArcGIS Pro will follow on from the 10.4 release, so here's an overview for ArcGIS 10.4 and ArcGIS Pro 1.2.

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Survey123 - a new way to collect and analyse data

 Currently in Beta, Survey123 is a simple and intuitive, form-centric data gathering solution for creating and analysing surveys. The application lets you create smart forms with simple and sophisticated features ranging from multiple choice questions to cascading selects. The survey allows field workers with mobile devices to capture data in any environment, with minimal training and quickly analyse the results to make more informed decisions. Here are my 5 favourite features.


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We went on tour: Summary of Local Government Regional Events

Earlier this year we visited both Leeds and Trowbridge. It was great to see everyone there and hear how some of our local government customers have been using the platform. We are also grateful for the participation in the workshops. The workshops have helped us in the ArcGIS Localisation Team understand what you find valuable in the platform and helps us to focus on the right functional areas for our customers.

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Is your data a little lost?

Looking for an alternative to the world geocoding service to find locations in the UK or geocode in British National Grid?

Esri UK have published a set of UK specific locators including OS Open Names, OS Code-Point Open and British National Grid.  These locators can be used across the ArcGIS platform and are an alternative to the world geocoding service. 

Read on to find out more about how you can use these locators across the ArcGIS Platform.

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Need a more flexible way to search for addresses?

Following feedback from our customers on the standard address searching functionality within the ArcGIS Platform, Esri UK have developed a new developer widget to provide an alternative way of searching for addresses which allows the user to drilldown through the hierarchy of streets and properties to the individual records in the locator.

Read on to see it in action and for documentation on how to use the widget.

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Exporting your photos from ArcGIS Online

With the rising success of our app Collector, there are many of you now taking photos out and about and adding them as attachments to your data in ArcGIS Online. Once you’ve collected all your data, you may want to collate all the attachments together to be able to use them within another system. Rather than clicking on each feature and saving the attachment locally you can use this method which takes all the attachments from a feature service and exports them into a folder.

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Remember, remember the November update for ArcGIS Online

We had our Esri UK Scottish Event in Perth this week and Charles Kennelly shared some of what's planned for the next ArcGIS Online update. You can read about all of the planned updates here.

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What we get up to in the Esri UK Tech Research team

Do you want to see what Esri UK Tech Research team get up? Alongside understanding and exploring new releases from Esri Inc, we also get the opportunity to innovate with the Platform and explore the art of the possible. To date this has been behind closed doors, with many of our projects being for internal viewing only. That is now going to change, and we will be sharing our work through Esri UK Map Labs… 

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Earlier this month, 40 participants entered Inmarsat's offices on Old Street roundabout to participate in GeoHackDay. GeoHackDay was an opportunity for developers, designers and idea makers to get together to help build software applications and/or hardware integrations to tackle real life problems. 

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